Mum’s Birthday Party and Flower Arranging

Flower Arranging

So, as this birthday was a special one, we had a party for Mum and invited some family. It was a lovely day with a posh lunch and a few drinks and a chat after.

Mum suggested we did some flowers for the table so we nipped down in the morning to the shop and chose some bunches of flowers – and got home to get on! She had bought the oasis before ready (the base you pour water into to keep the flowers alive) As it was her birthday people were popping round every now and then so I just got on with them really. We made a right mess… But I think they turned out rather well for saying we hadn’t done it before :)


We made four to spread out down the table, and then we gave them out to a few people. I’ve been saying to people I want a badge for flower arranging! I’m going to have to look into that! (I’m a member of Girlguiding so if you didn’t know, now you do!) I’ll post a picture of my Guide blanket sometime, last time I counted I had over 100 badges – one of my life goals is to fill it all up. Bit of topic but there you go!

Author: laurakeabs

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