New Visual Diary & Introducing My Inspiration Board

One of the projects from last year was to create a visual diary containing things that inspires us. I loved that project, and ended up creating 3 sketchbooks packed full of stuff. Take a look at a few pages here.

Visual Diary and Inspiration Board

I’ve decided that I need something to keep me going, so I’ve bought myself a lovely new sketchbook and I’m hoping to continue collecting inspiration and putting it somewhere it’ll stay for me to look back on. I find myself wanting to doodle and glue and stick and struggle because everything is digital nowadays really! Although I LOVE Pinterest, I love to cut and stick that little bit more.

Here are a few pages of my new creation!


As well as my visual diary all year I’ve been collecting things to pin on my board. I bought some elastic and spent ages at the start of the year crisscrossing and pinning all of this, but now I think it was totally worth it as I use it all the time. The idea is that now I don’t have to scrabble around for pins, and also I don’t have to make holes in things I want to put up.

I really feel it makes my room less like student digs and more homely, along with the curtains I swapped out for ones my mum made for me, and my bunting I made last year!

Here it is, with my fairy lights! And a few of the postcards I got from the V&A and around London.

Author: laurakeabs

I'm a Graphic Communications Graduate @ from University of South Wales. Also a student teaching assistant, support worker for children and young people with additional needs and a graphic design junior. The rest of my time is spent crafting! Nice to meet you! :) Check out my Behance @ Or follow me on Instagram: laurakeabs Take a look at my previous blog, everything from my foundation course up till the start of 2014:

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