The End of our Interactive Module.

Part One was my Motion Poster on Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Part Two was to create a website for a Welsh tourist attraction, I chose Carreg Cennen Castle and Farm. Here and here are my pictures to jog your memory. It was a really tough project – even if you don’t take into account it was a 3ish hour round trip to visit the place! I’ve used HTML and CSS before so I felt that gave me more confidence and I really enjoyed the project – it seems maybe more than other projects this year and it’s really improved my knowledge of web. It’s a shame we only do this one web project; maybe in summer now I’ve got better at coding and using Dreamweaver I’ll have a go at some websites, maybe even designing myself something simple to have my portfolio on.

Below is a small screenshot of the site – it’s a one page scroller as I felt it suited the place in the way that you walk through the farm to get to the castle… Then the gate to the different country walks is off there. I used a sketchbook theme as I want it to encourage people to go and take photos and feel like they can take some fairly drastic shots of the countryside!

Screenshot for the website

As well as the website we had to create a leaflet, and anything else that would help advertise or create a better experience for visitors. So as normal I decided to give myself more work and create a book explaining the historic side of the site – which is really interesting actually about the castle changing hands and people trying to take over. For my leaflet after a lot of creative block I decided to keep it really simple using the theme of the website to carry it really.

Leaflet for Carreg Cennen

I think with more time I could have added more pages with more information, but realistically I think if you pick up a leaflet for a place it’s important to keep it fairly short so I just included what was there, opening times, and prices and let the pictures talk for themselves really. Then a link to the website for more information.

I like my booklet a lot more, it’s a lot more ‘me’ I think and as a contrast to the ‘interactive’ title I didn’t use much in the way of a computer for this bit. Only editing and printing pictures and text, the rest I did by hand – risky as doing something wrong obviously would result in me starting again but I think it went well!At first the pictures were going to be cut open so that a flap could be lifted up and text could be read there – but when I tried it on an image I realised how much of a shame it would be to cut them up! So I made a pocket sort of thing in the top of each to slot the text in to prevent this while still looking neat. I used card for the cover – leaving it uncovered to keep the natural theme. I penned in the logo, but if it was to be made – it could be de-bossed which would make it look more… Finished? I added the leaf in watercolour to keep with the other theme of adding in bits of nature, all illustrated roughly with fineliner and promarkers.

Booklet for Carreg Cennen

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