Easter Sewing!

laurakeabs.wordpress.com - Easter sewing

So, doing a bit of catching up! In Easter I got the bug for making things! I decided to do some sewing projects I’d not had time to do before. Nothing from scratch this time, but I sewed a midi stretchy kinda dress into two tops – (one shown in the left picture) a sort of strapless top, the other is the same pattern but with sleeves. On the picture on the right I made another skirt out of a dress that didn’t fit me any more. Just simple really but enough to get me started! I’ve bought some fabric to make a pinafore dress from – may take a while to get round to that one but!

If I haven’t updated you, last Christmas I bought myself a red John Lewis lil sewing machine, one that’s easier to get around and looks gorgeous! At the top is my sewing machine and my mum’s one she’s had forever. We sat at the table sewing together, what a great day!

laurakeabs.wordpress.com - Easter Sewing, top and skirt

Author: laurakeabs

I'm a Graphic Communications Graduate @ from University of South Wales. Also a student teaching assistant, support worker for children and young people with additional needs and a graphic design junior. The rest of my time is spent crafting! Nice to meet you! :) Check out my Behance @ https://www.behance.net/laurakeabs Or follow me on Instagram: laurakeabs Take a look at my previous blog, everything from my foundation course up till the start of 2014: www.laurakeable.blogspot.com

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