Last Term of Year Two

So, back to uni now. Good news though! I managed to get 70 in my web project for Carreg Cennen Castle! I’m super chuffed with that, I really enjoyed the project so it’s nice to see my marks reflected in that. And I also know what I can do to improve the project.

Our new project which is underway is a branding project. We had to find a local shop in Cardiff – go and speak to them and ask if we can use them in this project (so nerve racking). So I’ve chosen a bike shop, it’s really cool inside but the branding just doesn’t scream bikes? Normally it would last about 5 weeks like our normal projects but as Easter was so late this year we have to do it all in 3! So much to be getting on with and I’m really not one for branding (at the moment – obviously it will be great to do this hopefully finding new skills).

Now I’ve had a taste of home I’ve gotta say I can’t really wait to go back for a bit! But first I’m seeing Roo Panes with Jonathan at the Moon Club, and Gareth Malone with my parents the day after in St. Davids Hall, both in Cardiff. SO EXCITED FOR BOTH!

Just gotta keep going, 2 weeks of hard work and then summer! Wooo!

Author: laurakeabs

I'm a Graphic Communications Graduate @ from University of South Wales. Also a student teaching assistant, support worker for children and young people with additional needs and a graphic design junior. The rest of my time is spent crafting! Nice to meet you! :) Check out my Behance @ Or follow me on Instagram: laurakeabs Take a look at my previous blog, everything from my foundation course up till the start of 2014:

2 thoughts on “Last Term of Year Two”

  1. Thank you for your comments on my blog, i couldn’t find your Twitter page to tweet you, so had to do a bit of a stalk to find a way to communicate haha. I’m super jealous of your jade coloured typewriter, my favourite colour. Mine’s a beige/brown colour, but luckily it goes with my livingroom. I’ve thought about spray painting it. I did the same, used it for my Art foundation fmp project and managed to find it on Gumtree for £5 like a minute up the road from my house haha! Thank you for the lovely comments on my work :)
    Lauren (Dorkfeatures) xx

    1. Oh sorry! I’m laurakeabs probably maybe on twitter if you wanted to follow :) oh it was a nightmare to hunt down and loads more expensive than that i looked on ebay probs a mistake.. But either way it’s totally cool you have one too! Unfortunetly he’s not here with me this year he’s at home on my desk for lack of room in halls haha! Maybe next year I’ll find room. That’s alright! :)

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