Branding: our last year two project

Crazy to think this time next year my uni days will all be over!

Usually I like my sleep but tonight I’ve gotta stay awake to wait for my boyfriend to get here (his train gets in at 1.20am at Cardiff Central… Bleuggh so tired). It would probably be fine normally but as it was deadline today I haven’t had too much sleep!

For my branding project I chose Cyclopaedia, a bike shop in Cardiff. I quite enjoyed the whole thing, although it was extra stressful due to the 5ish week project cut down to just over 3!

I started off by looking at the components that make up a bike, the crank, chain and wheels mainly came up, but were fairly obvious. I wanted to go more into it so as I continued I started thinking more about the name and how it basically tries to get the point across that they are knowledgable about bikes. Hence the owl! He’s made out of the shape of the bike chain, with a link as his eyes. Meet Dev:

Cyclopaedia patterns and icons

The purple is the main logo, with black type. I had decided from the start I wanted to split the shop up into different types of bikes, to make the shop easier to decipher for people who don’t know exactly what they are looking for, so the logo will change to match each section, there is an icon for each and also a pattern based on the tyre of that style of bike. The sections are mountain bikes, stunt bikes, commuter bikes and road bikes.

Cyclopaedia Stationery set smaller

Here is the stationery set I made, the purple colour and pattern would be for everything general – business cards, letterheads and compliments slips. Then the other 4 colours would be used for the leaflets, and tags. (Unfortunately because of printing problems I didn’t get a good picture of them but there are these ones).

Tags for CyclopaediaΒ Tags for Cyclopaedia

I also ended up being one of the group to be chosen to present my work (unfortunately) but it went fine after all my stressing and they seemed to like it. A nice way to round of year two I think. Roll on summer!


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