And then Graduation came and went… Had a fab day and didn’t trip on stage! Achievement!

Proud to say I got my 2:1 after all my hard work. I think I am glad it’s over now though I’m missing Cardiff and everybody so much!



Final Major: Helping Autistic Children and Adults Transition to New Places

The real deal, this is it – my last go at being a pretend designer!

Genuinely my favourite project of the whole lot, I really got stuck into this one.

It was a difficult start though, what do I do? I knew I wanted to focus on Autism as a theme but questions ran through my head for days. What should it be? Who is it for? I eventually worked out that I wanted to create a set of resources to help people with autism transition to new places, whether that be to a new stage in school or on to further education, apprenticeships or work.

I created resources like posters/wall charts to put up in the home to fill in. Kept as a reminder to what the child wants – to reduce anxiety with clear steps. I made a parents booklet, an interactive glossary of terms (with Digital Publishing – which I now love) and also a motion poster to give a brief explanation to what autism is. Have a look here. It was my first taster in After Effects!

Autism Transitions

It was really fab to see everyone’s work at the exhibition, and loads of people turned up to see it all. A great achievement for everyone there to see what we can all do.

FMP exhibition

And that’s it.. Uni was over just like that.

Minor Project: Homelessness in the UK

Homelessness is a recognised problem around the world, although many people underestimate how bad it is here in the UK.

One of the problems with helping is that often people don’t like the idea giving money to charity because of reasons like not having much disposable income, or not knowing if the whole donation will be going to the cause that needs it. The point of my project was for people to pass on knowledge and experience to these homeless people, instead of giving charities or people directly money.

The name Umbrella came from the style of charity it would be, it would be self sufficient and wouldn’t need much in the way of money to run. It would be run by people adding in information to help the site grow. The main components of the logo are the fountain pen and the umbrella, but there is also a hint of a sun, and it’s rays depicting hope. I chose yellow as a bright, fun colour to contrast with the blue.

Project about homelessness in the UK
Project about homelessness in the UK

The actual site and app would be colourful and easy to navigate. Click on the section you want to learn/teach and you have everything in that section for you.

There is a lot i’d like to do for this project, introduce more curves and include more information on the site and app. Although overall I’m over the moon with my 72!


Up till now, 2015 has been crazy busy! I’ve done projects, written a dissertation and been to New York! With everything else in between. Going to try and catch up on what I’ve missed perhaps this week. Here’s a project I finished just before Christmas:

A competition by Penguin I had to create a book cover for Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden

The book is about a girl in WW2 who gets evacuated. I decided I wanted the cover to be quite creative yet not be patronising to children, as from my research I found that children are less likely to read books that look childish.

Carries War Book Cover Design - Laura Keable

I tried to keep it simple by using imagery from the book, yet still cryptive as the yellow and orange leaves represent fire.

There are a few things I’d like to change, or improve. I’d like to cut all the pieces out and try to create more shadow in between each to show more depth. I’m happy with what I got done in the time though, and I got 68 for it! Almost a first!

Summer 2014

It’s been a while!

I was doing so well with blogging but over summer it got a bit too much so I decided to take a break. I’m back now! Might take a while to get into routine so forgive me!

Summer was great, but I didn’t have chance to put my feet up for more than 10 minutes it seemed – which I guess can be seen as a good thing.

I worked full time for my Dad for a month. Stressful but worthwhile – I had a bit more responsibility this year and was involved with making the yearly handbook again from checking over the new covers and content to printing, assembling and binding. I also was involved with a bit of branding and websites for a few companies.

When I finished work mid July I had my 21st birthday and then packed for my next few adventures!

I was involved with a camp celebrating Brownies turning 100 years old. I did my part – I designed the badge which was also used on the drawstring bags for the girls! There were 200 made of each, and I just think how wonderful to think my design will be on those girls’ uniform or camp blanket for years to come! I made ID badges, car passes and everything else like that too. I also helped another Guider make the gateway for the camp, which involved making massive papermaché owls to go on the top of two totem poles! The theme was Native American, and it was called Pow Wow – which is a form of meeting in Guiding. I had my own activity for the weekend which was making dreamcatchers – the girls and I loved it and my stall was jam packed all day! More pictures to follow.

Pow Wow Badge and Gate

A few days later I went to Benalmádena, Spain with Adam and his family to celebrate a wedding which took place in Seville.


I had a wonderful week of none stop activities from morning till night including going to the local Dolphinarium which I loved. I even went crazy and got my hair braided!

Benalmadena Dolphinarium

So, I arrived home from Spain and got taken off to the Y Not Festival the next day – I’m exhausted just remembering! It was a great year for bands and weather (apart from one bad few hours rain – the rest was glorious which really made the weekend) I managed to see some of my favourites – Newton Faulkner and Frank Turner and a few new finds.

And then lastly when I got back and washed off all the mud our family went to Scarborough for the week, it was lovely to spend some time with my family, especially as I don’t see them in term time and I’d had such a busy summer I was barely at home anyway!

Scarborough 2014

Crazy times! I’ve now moved into my new house in Cardiff! Spending my time settling in, catching up with friends and doing my dissertation. Two weeks until Year 3 starts officially!

Gareth Malone’s Voices

Gareth Malone's Voices Choir

Anybody who knows me knows I LOVE GARETH!

I saw the tickets in December sort of time (could have been earlier actually!) and just had to buy them. I decided as my mum and dad like choirs they would enjoy it too so I sneakly got them tickets for Christmas! I’m so glad I did!

It was at St David’s Hall in Cardiff, and we got brilliant seats – up one tier but right at the front. Gareth was as lovely as he is on his series(s) and seemed genuinely really excited to be performing in Wales! They sang some beautiful songs, from White Winter Hymnal (One of my favourites from Fleet Foxes) to Fields of Gold – which to my surprise he got us all standing and singing along with them!

We all had a wonderful night, if he ever did another tour I’d be there in a flash!

Roo Panes and Jamie Willetts

Unfortunately my time in Cardiff for this academic year is up! Now I’m back at work I have no time to do anything it seems! My last week there was so great though. One of the nights I got to see Roo Panes supported by Jamie Willetts.

I’d never been to The Moon Club in Cardiff so didn’t really know what to expect and had a shock when I saw how tiny it was! It’s a really nice little venue and was a great gig.

Jamie was really talented – and seemed a really nice guy! He had everybody enjoying the music and got us all clapping along to one of his own songs. He also did some really nice covers, one of my favourites from Bon Iver.

Roo Panes and Jamie Willetts

Roo was exactly how I expected, the songs lived up to his youtube videos – probably because they are all acoustic anyway. Again, he captivated the audience, and you could see some people singing along quietly to every word. He even managed to sing through a false fire alarm – that takes concentration!

Overall it was a rather lovely night. I must plan more gigs for when I go back. I’ve seen Dry The River are coming to Cardiff – I was at the front row for them at Y Not Festival last year and they were wonderful, I’d love to see them again.



Bye Bye Halls!

So, in a few days I’ll be leaving Liberty Bridge (Ty Pont Haearn originally..) to move back to Buxton for the summer. Just thought I’d post about my 2nd year room. At first I really didn’t like the thought of coming back here, mainly for the fact I don’t really like just being in one room and it doesn’t feel really homely here. But with a few additions to my room I learned to like it :)

I got my Mum to make me some gorgeous red curtains to swap for the horrible ones that are in every room, there is a painting from one of my bestests from home Emily. (The girl on the right is meee!) My letters that Sally and I found while crafty shopping plus my mini from Adam (well his mum gave me!) and my mini from my Mum when she went to London. My fav tele viewing spot with my pinboard and the bunting I made before coming to uni. And there is the Sharpies instead of flowers in my vase – a better choice I feel!

I’ll really miss living in this room, and also living with Jonathan but hopefully next year I can make work out too with some new peoples.

Bye bye halls

Adam’s Birthday Weekend

So, Adam’s on the way home on the train now and I’m on my own agaaaain! Was just a usual weekend in Cardiff for us really apart from a few presents – a lil lego man in Adam form with his gamer name on the back, a special trip in summer and the best – a build your own straw kit – small things hey? That kept us entertained for a while making one so we could drink from the same cup – it was magnificent! We also went to Pizza Hut and I did a bad thing and had pasta! I do love me some pasta…. PLUS ADAM GOT ME A BALLOON + IT’S ORANGE = HAPPY LAURA! Plus we watched X-Men at the cinema and bought R.I.P.D which I fell asleep 5 minutes before the end and then The Croods – which is SUPER COOL!

Adams 21 birthday weekend

Not long till I’m home now, just a week or so to spend time with Jon, Sally and Tam in Cardiff!


Branding: our last year two project

Crazy to think this time next year my uni days will all be over!

Usually I like my sleep but tonight I’ve gotta stay awake to wait for my boyfriend to get here (his train gets in at 1.20am at Cardiff Central… Bleuggh so tired). It would probably be fine normally but as it was deadline today I haven’t had too much sleep!

For my branding project I chose Cyclopaedia, a bike shop in Cardiff. I quite enjoyed the whole thing, although it was extra stressful due to the 5ish week project cut down to just over 3!

I started off by looking at the components that make up a bike, the crank, chain and wheels mainly came up, but were fairly obvious. I wanted to go more into it so as I continued I started thinking more about the name and how it basically tries to get the point across that they are knowledgable about bikes. Hence the owl! He’s made out of the shape of the bike chain, with a link as his eyes. Meet Dev:

Cyclopaedia patterns and icons

The purple is the main logo, with black type. I had decided from the start I wanted to split the shop up into different types of bikes, to make the shop easier to decipher for people who don’t know exactly what they are looking for, so the logo will change to match each section, there is an icon for each and also a pattern based on the tyre of that style of bike. The sections are mountain bikes, stunt bikes, commuter bikes and road bikes.

Cyclopaedia Stationery set smaller

Here is the stationery set I made, the purple colour and pattern would be for everything general – business cards, letterheads and compliments slips. Then the other 4 colours would be used for the leaflets, and tags. (Unfortunately because of printing problems I didn’t get a good picture of them but there are these ones).

Tags for Cyclopaedia Tags for Cyclopaedia

I also ended up being one of the group to be chosen to present my work (unfortunately) but it went fine after all my stressing and they seemed to like it. A nice way to round of year two I think. Roll on summer!