Branding: our last year two project

Crazy to think this time next year my uni days will all be over!

Usually I like my sleep but tonight I’ve gotta stay awake to wait for my boyfriend to get here (his train gets in at 1.20am at Cardiff Central… Bleuggh so tired). It would probably be fine normally but as it was deadline today I haven’t had too much sleep!

For my branding project I chose Cyclopaedia, a bike shop in Cardiff. I quite enjoyed the whole thing, although it was extra stressful due to the 5ish week project cut down to just over 3!

I started off by looking at the components that make up a bike, the crank, chain and wheels mainly came up, but were fairly obvious. I wanted to go more into it so as I continued I started thinking more about the name and how it basically tries to get the point across that they are knowledgable about bikes. Hence the owl! He’s made out of the shape of the bike chain, with a link as his eyes. Meet Dev:

Cyclopaedia patterns and icons

The purple is the main logo, with black type. I had decided from the start I wanted to split the shop up into different types of bikes, to make the shop easier to decipher for people who don’t know exactly what they are looking for, so the logo will change to match each section, there is an icon for each and also a pattern based on the tyre of that style of bike. The sections are mountain bikes, stunt bikes, commuter bikes and road bikes.

Cyclopaedia Stationery set smaller

Here is the stationery set I made, the purple colour and pattern would be for everything general – business cards, letterheads and compliments slips. Then the other 4 colours would be used for the leaflets, and tags. (Unfortunately because of printing problems I didn’t get a good picture of them but there are these ones).

Tags for Cyclopaedia Tags for Cyclopaedia

I also ended up being one of the group to be chosen to present my work (unfortunately) but it went fine after all my stressing and they seemed to like it. A nice way to round of year two I think. Roll on summer!



Last Term of Year Two

So, back to uni now. Good news though! I managed to get 70 in my web project for Carreg Cennen Castle! I’m super chuffed with that, I really enjoyed the project so it’s nice to see my marks reflected in that. And I also know what I can do to improve the project.

Our new project which is underway is a branding project. We had to find a local shop in Cardiff – go and speak to them and ask if we can use them in this project (so nerve racking). So I’ve chosen a bike shop, it’s really cool inside but the branding just doesn’t scream bikes? Normally it would last about 5 weeks like our normal projects but as Easter was so late this year we have to do it all in 3! So much to be getting on with and I’m really not one for branding (at the moment – obviously it will be great to do this hopefully finding new skills).

Now I’ve had a taste of home I’ve gotta say I can’t really wait to go back for a bit! But first I’m seeing Roo Panes with Jonathan at the Moon Club, and Gareth Malone with my parents the day after in St. Davids Hall, both in Cardiff. SO EXCITED FOR BOTH!

Just gotta keep going, 2 weeks of hard work and then summer! Wooo!

A Holiday at Home in Buxton!

So as well as Edinburgh, I managed to have another little holiday – this time with Adam. I say little because as you can probably see in the photos we stayed in his field in his parents’ caravan and had our holiday in Buxton! It was lovely, bacon and egg butties every morning, LOTS of Easter eggs and playing with lambs! We went for a bike ride (yes, we didn’t get very far but that’s just a technicality) went for ice cream in Pavillion Gardens and at Parsley Hay, and went to watch Captain America 2 at Manchester which was great (Really into Marvel at the moment dare I admit?). Nice to spend some time with Adam as we are apart nearly all term time! - Holiday at Home in Buxton



Easter Sewing!

So, doing a bit of catching up! In Easter I got the bug for making things! I decided to do some sewing projects I’d not had time to do before. Nothing from scratch this time, but I sewed a midi stretchy kinda dress into two tops – (one shown in the left picture) a sort of strapless top, the other is the same pattern but with sleeves. On the picture on the right I made another skirt out of a dress that didn’t fit me any more. Just simple really but enough to get me started! I’ve bought some fabric to make a pinafore dress from – may take a while to get round to that one but!

If I haven’t updated you, last Christmas I bought myself a red John Lewis lil sewing machine, one that’s easier to get around and looks gorgeous! At the top is my sewing machine and my mum’s one she’s had forever. We sat at the table sewing together, what a great day! - Easter Sewing, top and skirt

Trip to Edinburgh

Although it was a few weeks ago now I thought it was definitely worth a post! So Sally, Luke, Cal and I nipped off to Sunny Scotland for a week in our Easter break. (Funnily enough it actually WAS sunny while we were there!) We did the usual touristy bits, looking round the castle, we visited the World of Illusions which is a great, reasonably priced day out if you are in the area. Other than that Sally and I went for a look round the local art museums, while the boys went to a whisky experience – win win! - trip to Edinburgh!


One amazing part was that I got to see an exhibition I’d pinned on Pinterest a while ago – the power of social media hey! Turned out we were round the corner from The Field Of Light – which was so great to see although unfortunately we were too late to go and walk through it so we had to just have a look from where we were. I didn’t mind too much, and there was a great busker playing music that just made the experience better!

I’d reccomend Edinburgh, I’d not been before to even Scotland I don’t think! Wasn’t even too long on the train, about 4/5 hours I seem to think which is about the same time it takes me to get back to Cardiff from Buxton. So, Spain next!

The End of our Interactive Module.

Part One was my Motion Poster on Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Part Two was to create a website for a Welsh tourist attraction, I chose Carreg Cennen Castle and Farm. Here and here are my pictures to jog your memory. It was a really tough project – even if you don’t take into account it was a 3ish hour round trip to visit the place! I’ve used HTML and CSS before so I felt that gave me more confidence and I really enjoyed the project – it seems maybe more than other projects this year and it’s really improved my knowledge of web. It’s a shame we only do this one web project; maybe in summer now I’ve got better at coding and using Dreamweaver I’ll have a go at some websites, maybe even designing myself something simple to have my portfolio on.

Below is a small screenshot of the site – it’s a one page scroller as I felt it suited the place in the way that you walk through the farm to get to the castle… Then the gate to the different country walks is off there. I used a sketchbook theme as I want it to encourage people to go and take photos and feel like they can take some fairly drastic shots of the countryside!

Screenshot for the website

As well as the website we had to create a leaflet, and anything else that would help advertise or create a better experience for visitors. So as normal I decided to give myself more work and create a book explaining the historic side of the site – which is really interesting actually about the castle changing hands and people trying to take over. For my leaflet after a lot of creative block I decided to keep it really simple using the theme of the website to carry it really.

Leaflet for Carreg Cennen

I think with more time I could have added more pages with more information, but realistically I think if you pick up a leaflet for a place it’s important to keep it fairly short so I just included what was there, opening times, and prices and let the pictures talk for themselves really. Then a link to the website for more information.

I like my booklet a lot more, it’s a lot more ‘me’ I think and as a contrast to the ‘interactive’ title I didn’t use much in the way of a computer for this bit. Only editing and printing pictures and text, the rest I did by hand – risky as doing something wrong obviously would result in me starting again but I think it went well!At first the pictures were going to be cut open so that a flap could be lifted up and text could be read there – but when I tried it on an image I realised how much of a shame it would be to cut them up! So I made a pocket sort of thing in the top of each to slot the text in to prevent this while still looking neat. I used card for the cover – leaving it uncovered to keep the natural theme. I penned in the logo, but if it was to be made – it could be de-bossed which would make it look more… Finished? I added the leaf in watercolour to keep with the other theme of adding in bits of nature, all illustrated roughly with fineliner and promarkers.

Booklet for Carreg Cennen

Light Painting

I’ve been catching up a lot on posting, and here’s another thing I needed an update on! A few days ago, myself and Jon (my flatmate and friend) were playing around with my camera and decided to do some light painting! So we experimented with the settings to get it so it would only pick up the torch on the photo and went crazy drawing random things, as you can see names, mustaches, butterflies and Harry Potter were all things we tried.

Light Painting

We had great fun and now I want to try and do a classic car light blur lines photo.. If you get what I mean? Anyway! To be continued!

Character Design Update

I was asked sometime last year by my boyfriend Adam to create some characters for a personal project of his – a game he was making by himself. He’s a Game student and his favourite part is programming. I made him these characters in the style he wanted (similar to Don’t Starve – the game). I didn’t like them very much but he seemed to think they were good.

Anyway last week he asked me for another favour – to make the characters I made into zombies. Now this posed a problem because my initial ones were just image traced in Illustrator (dare I say) so I had to make new ones. As they only had to be static due to the nature of the game it was fairly easy as I just drew them then made them into vectors.

Character design progression

Bottom left is my original sketch last time – the arms weren’t joined incase of the capability of them moving. Next along is my new illustration of the normal one, and to the right is him in zombie form! There is 4 characters, two staff at Waitrose, and two customers that will be repeated. So here they are, firstly them in normal state:



Then the same people as zombies:



I’m not really into either zombies or drawing people so this was a challenge for me but I think it got me wanting to try more things out of uni, even as something to do while needing a break from the current project!