Summer 2014

It’s been a while!

I was doing so well with blogging but over summer it got a bit too much so I decided to take a break. I’m back now! Might take a while to get into routine so forgive me!

Summer was great, but I didn’t have chance to put my feet up for more than 10 minutes it seemed – which I guess can be seen as a good thing.

I worked full time for my Dad for a month. Stressful but worthwhile – I had a bit more responsibility this year and was involved with making the yearly handbook again from checking over the new covers and content to printing, assembling and binding. I also was involved with a bit of branding and websites for a few companies.

When I finished work mid July I had my 21st birthday and then packed for my next few adventures!

I was involved with a camp celebrating Brownies turning 100 years old. I did my part – I designed the badge which was also used on the drawstring bags for the girls! There were 200 made of each, and I just think how wonderful to think my design will be on those girls’ uniform or camp blanket for years to come! I made ID badges, car passes and everything else like that too. I also helped another Guider make the gateway for the camp, which involved making massive papermaché owls to go on the top of two totem poles! The theme was Native American, and it was called Pow Wow – which is a form of meeting in Guiding. I had my own activity for the weekend which was making dreamcatchers – the girls and I loved it and my stall was jam packed all day! More pictures to follow.

Pow Wow Badge and Gate

A few days later I went to Benalmádena, Spain with Adam and his family to celebrate a wedding which took place in Seville.


I had a wonderful week of none stop activities from morning till night including going to the local Dolphinarium which I loved. I even went crazy and got my hair braided!

Benalmadena Dolphinarium

So, I arrived home from Spain and got taken off to the Y Not Festival the next day – I’m exhausted just remembering! It was a great year for bands and weather (apart from one bad few hours rain – the rest was glorious which really made the weekend) I managed to see some of my favourites – Newton Faulkner and Frank Turner and a few new finds.

And then lastly when I got back and washed off all the mud our family went to Scarborough for the week, it was lovely to spend some time with my family, especially as I don’t see them in term time and I’d had such a busy summer I was barely at home anyway!

Scarborough 2014

Crazy times! I’ve now moved into my new house in Cardiff! Spending my time settling in, catching up with friends and doing my dissertation. Two weeks until Year 3 starts officially!