Roo Panes and Jamie Willetts

Unfortunately my time in Cardiff for this academic year is up! Now I’m back at work I have no time to do anything it seems! My last week there was so great though. One of the nights I got to see Roo Panes supported by Jamie Willetts.

I’d never been to The Moon Club in Cardiff so didn’t really know what to expect and had a shock when I saw how tiny it was! It’s a really nice little venue and was a great gig.

Jamie was really talented – and seemed a really nice guy! He had everybody enjoying the music and got us all clapping along to one of his own songs. He also did some really nice covers, one of my favourites from Bon Iver.

Roo Panes and Jamie Willetts

Roo was exactly how I expected, the songs lived up to his youtube videos – probably because they are all acoustic anyway. Again, he captivated the audience, and you could see some people singing along quietly to every word. He even managed to sing through a false fire alarm – that takes concentration!

Overall it was a rather lovely night. I must plan more gigs for when I go back. I’ve seen Dry The River are coming to Cardiff – I was at the front row for them at Y Not Festival last year and they were wonderful, I’d love to see them again.




Bombay Bicycle Club, Rae Morris and Flyte

So on Sunday I had an amazing night. I was really worried about going to this gig on days leading up to it as I was going on my own (my other friends don’t really share my music taste but I decided to go anyway) I’m so glad I did! It was at Cardiff Uni’s SU, so not far from me it would have been a real shame to miss it!

First up was Flyte, a new band from London – I liked their music and they were really nice people – when they had finished I got one of them over for a chat and for them to sign their lil card thing. They had a mix of upbeat dance to songs and also a few deeper ones.

Next was Rae Morris, her voice is so impressive and so is her hair! Serious girl crush going on! I’ve heard of her before through a friend but never really listened that much.

Flyte and Rae Morris

Finally Bombay Bicycle Club came on – they were just brilliant. They also had a really cool backdrop – featuring their circles they are using in their promotional stuff. Each song had a different animation going on in the background which was really fascinating to watch, and when I couldn’t see the actual band (as people who know me I am rather vertically challenged and obviously ended up behind some tall people like normal) it gave us something else to watch. They played a really good mix of old and new songs and added a cool twist with some brass instruments, and as I love saxophones anyway it made it so much better! I said I wouldn’t buy a tshirt if it was expensive like they usually are but I just couldn’t help myself.. I don’t think anyones going to see me wear anything different for a while haha!
Bombay Bicycle Club