Bye Bye Halls!

So, in a few days I’ll be leaving Liberty Bridge (Ty Pont Haearn originally..) to move back to Buxton for the summer. Just thought I’d post about my 2nd year room. At first I really didn’t like the thought of coming back here, mainly for the fact I don’t really like just being in one room and it doesn’t feel really homely here. But with a few additions to my room I learned to like it :)

I got my Mum to make me some gorgeous red curtains to swap for the horrible ones that are in every room, there is a painting from one of my bestests from home Emily. (The girl on the right is meee!) My letters that Sally and I found while crafty shopping plus my mini from Adam (well his mum gave me!) and my mini from my Mum when she went to London. My fav tele viewing spot with my pinboard and the bunting I made before coming to uni. And there is the Sharpies instead of flowers in my vase – a better choice I feel!

I’ll really miss living in this room, and also living with Jonathan but hopefully next year I can make work out too with some new peoples.

Bye bye halls