Roo Panes and Jamie Willetts

Unfortunately my time in Cardiff for this academic year is up! Now I’m back at work I have no time to do anything it seems! My last week there was so great though. One of the nights I got to see Roo Panes supported by Jamie Willetts.

I’d never been to The Moon Club in Cardiff so didn’t really know what to expect and had a shock when I saw how tiny it was! It’s a really nice little venue and was a great gig.

Jamie was really talented – and seemed a really nice guy! He had everybody enjoying the music and got us all clapping along to one of his own songs. He also did some really nice covers, one of my favourites from Bon Iver.

Roo Panes and Jamie Willetts

Roo was exactly how I expected, the songs lived up to his youtube videos – probably because they are all acoustic anyway. Again, he captivated the audience, and you could see some people singing along quietly to every word. He even managed to sing through a false fire alarm – that takes concentration!

Overall it was a rather lovely night. I must plan more gigs for when I go back. I’ve seen Dry The River are coming to Cardiff – I was at the front row for them at Y Not Festival last year and they were wonderful, I’d love to see them again.




Castle Hunting Take Two!

To gather more photos for our projects, Sally and I travelled back over to the west of Wales through Swansea to see our castles again. We got up at 6 this time so we could make the most of the daylight and so it was a very long day for us. We had wonderful weather (I even got a little sunburnt!)

Carreg Cennen Castle Take Two

This time at Carreg Cennen we walked down to the river and bridge we didn’t see before, and also all the way round to the other side of the castle we hadn’t seen. I’m so glad we did – we saw some gorgeous views over sheer cliffs and also saw a Hercules plane fly past twice, we couldn’t believe it was so close to us (as you can see in my picture, that photo is without zoom as I was under pressure to catch a snap of it!)

We also went back to Dinefwr for Sally, and explored the grounds and the broadwalk which was basically a walk through nature! We managed to find some wildlife while we were there but unfortunately because of the time of year we didn’t get to see any deer which was a real shame.

It’s really made me appreciate how close I am to these amazing historic sites which I find so interesting to explore. I’d love to go and visit some more castles in Wales at some point!

My new camera!

I’ve been wanting these since I first saw the advert introducing them. Introducing! My new Nikon 1 J2.




Her name is Jessie (for now, other names could be Nikki but I’m not toooo sure at the moment.) I only picked her up today so not had a chance to go on an adventure to take some outside shots. Here are some I took in my room.

My new Nikon 1  First shots on my Nikon 1

While I’m getting used to it, I’ll just stick to the standard lens which is looking quite good so far, and maybe in summer i’ll invest in either a macro or a longer zoom. I’m also buying an adapter for my current wide angle lens that I’ve not be able to use yet.