Adam’s Birthday Weekend

So, Adam’s on the way home on the train now and I’m on my own agaaaain! Was just a usual weekend in Cardiff for us really apart from a few presents – a lil lego man in Adam form with his gamer name on the back, a special trip in summer and the best – a build your own straw kit – small things hey? That kept us entertained for a while making one so we could drink from the same cup – it was magnificent! We also went to Pizza Hut and I did a bad thing and had pasta! I do love me some pasta…. PLUS ADAM GOT ME A BALLOON + IT’S ORANGE = HAPPY LAURA! Plus we watched X-Men at the cinema and bought R.I.P.D which I fell asleep 5 minutes before the end and then The Croods – which is SUPER COOL!

Adams 21 birthday weekend

Not long till I’m home now, just a week or so to spend time with Jon, Sally and Tam in Cardiff!