Gareth Malone’s Voices

Gareth Malone's Voices Choir

Anybody who knows me knows I LOVE GARETH!

I saw the tickets in December sort of time (could have been earlier actually!) and just had to buy them. I decided as my mum and dad like choirs they would enjoy it too so I sneakly got them tickets for Christmas! I’m so glad I did!

It was at St David’s Hall in Cardiff, and we got brilliant seats – up one tier but right at the front. Gareth was as lovely as he is on his series(s) and seemed genuinely really excited to be performing in Wales! They sang some beautiful songs, from White Winter Hymnal (One of my favourites from Fleet Foxes) to Fields of Gold – which to my surprise he got us all standing and singing along with them!

We all had a wonderful night, if he ever did another tour I’d be there in a flash!


Castle Hunting Take Two!

To gather more photos for our projects, Sally and I travelled back over to the west of Wales through Swansea to see our castles again. We got up at 6 this time so we could make the most of the daylight and so it was a very long day for us. We had wonderful weather (I even got a little sunburnt!)

Carreg Cennen Castle Take Two

This time at Carreg Cennen we walked down to the river and bridge we didn’t see before, and also all the way round to the other side of the castle we hadn’t seen. I’m so glad we did – we saw some gorgeous views over sheer cliffs and also saw a Hercules plane fly past twice, we couldn’t believe it was so close to us (as you can see in my picture, that photo is without zoom as I was under pressure to catch a snap of it!)

We also went back to Dinefwr for Sally, and explored the grounds and the broadwalk which was basically a walk through nature! We managed to find some wildlife while we were there but unfortunately because of the time of year we didn’t get to see any deer which was a real shame.

It’s really made me appreciate how close I am to these amazing historic sites which I find so interesting to explore. I’d love to go and visit some more castles in Wales at some point!